Caring for patients

Fever and neutropenia

Infection, frequently presenting as fever and neutropenia, is a common and potentially life-threatening complication of treating childhood cancer. Time to antibiotic is the internationally recommended quality of care measure in patients with FN, with recommended administration within 60 minutes of presentation. We have supported the development of a statewide clinical practice guideline for fever and suspected or confirmed neutropenia, endorsed by the Victorian Paediatric Clinical Network. In addition, we have developed a free eLearning module available via eviQ Education.


Immunisation information

During treatment and for a while after, children and adolescents with cancer should not have immunisations without their oncologist’s approval. Certain immunisations should not be given to other children in the family. For information related to immunisation during and after cancer treatment access the links below:


Emotional care

There is increasing demand for psychological services in the community for children who have had a diagnosis of cancer and their families. However, community based therapists may feel they have limited knowledge about childhood cancer and its treatment, which may be a barrier to uptake of referrals. This guide to emotional care aims to aid community health professionals who are working with children and their families whose lives have been impacted with cancer.