Our strategic direction

The Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services vision, mission and strategic goals for the Victorian Integrated Cancer Services are presented below.


Improving patient experiences and outcomes by connecting cancer care and driving best practice.


The Integrated Cancer Services will achieve the vision by:

  • Understanding the needs of people affected by cancer
  • Building and supporting collaboration between health professionals, health services and consumers
  • Driving quality improvement in cancer care
  • Supporting development of the cancer workforce
  • Facilitating system-wide engagement in cancer research.

Strategic Goals

Goal 1: A networked cancer care system

Goal 2: High quality cancer care

Goal 3: A research-informed cancer care system

The work of the PICS is directed by the PICS Strategic Plan 2016-19. The plan provides a vision, strategic goals and actions to enhance our role as a leader, resource and advocate for Victorian paediatric cancer care.

Download PICS Strategic Plan 2016-19