Our strategic direction

The Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services vision, definition of role, and strategic goals for the Victorian Integrated Cancer Services are presented below.


Improving patient experiences and outcomes by connecting cancer care and driving best practice.

The ICS Role

  • Building relationships between providers, health services and sectors to plan cancer services across a geographic area based on access, appropriateness and effectiveness
  • Engaging with consumers and clinicians to inform projects and programs of work
  • Supporting the implementation of best practice models of cancer care
  • Improving the effectiveness of cancer care through system coordination and integration
  • Systematically monitoring processes and outcomes of cancer care to improve system-wide performance.

Strategic Goals

Goal 1: A networked cancer care system

Goal 2: High quality cancer care

Goal 3: A research-informed cancer care system

The work of the PICS is directed by the PICS Interim Strategic Plan (July 2019- December 2020). The interim plan has been developed to enable alignment of the next PICS strategic plan with the new Victorian Cancer Plan, due for release mid-2020.  This interim plan is an extension of the PICS 2016-19 strategic plan, and provides a vision, strategic goals and actions to enhance our role as a leader, resource and advocate for Victorian paediatric cancer care.

Download the PICS Interim Strategic Plan 2019 – 2020